Dark skins: How to whitening your skin without danger?

Dark skins: How to whitening your skin without danger?

If many women dream of a tanned complexion, others want to whiten their skin. Motivated by complexes, this wish is often formulated by people with dark skin, marked by spots and imperfections and/or lack of brilliance. But clarifying your skin remains a delicate operation, the effects of which are irreversible. Beware of miracle remedies and other Express whitening creams ...

To take no risk and lighten your skin safely, follow our guide!

Protect your skin on a daily basis to lighten it

For visibly brighter and clear skin, the first reflex is to take care of it on a daily basis. A lack of hydration or overexposure to UV rays will inevitably make your complexion dull and without brilliance.

Apply these good daily advice:

  • Hydrate your skin morning and evening thanks to treatments suitable for your skin type;
  • Clean your skin morning and evening to get rid of its impurities; Exfoliate your skin thanks to a gentle scrub, once or twice a week, to eliminate dead skin and imperfections;
  • Protect your skin from the sun's rays by applying treatments suitable for sunshine rate ( Day face whitening cream containing a SPF or sun protection) and avoiding prolonged exposure.

These gestures will not change the color of your skin properly speaking, but they will make it brighter and Whitening. In addition, protecting your skin from UV rays will avoid the appearance of pigment spots, also called brown spots. The skin will therefore be clearer and will appear clearer.


Blanch your skin: watch out for bad reflexes!

Wrinkle and Anti Aging Cream in Pakistan

To whiten their skin more, some people do not hesitate to use radical methods and to boast the benefits of "miracles" remedies. Beware of these too "beautiful" techniques to be true.

Depigiting your skin is not natural. Your color is the fruit of specific and unique genetic criteria. There is no way to radically transform its risk -free criteria for your health.

Aggressive or toxic products should never be applied to your skin in order to lighten it. Some hydroquinone -based products - a chemical substance used in the textile industry to decline clothes - can be very dangerous. They can cause serious and deep burns, promote the appearance of certain cancers and irreversibly weakening the skin. The same is true for cortisone, often used to whiten the skin quickly and radically. Cortisone destroys the epidermis: the product then passes into the blood and creates a strong dependence. In addition to damaging the skin, it may cause serious undesirable effects such as depression.

Also beware of "natural" remedies that spread on the internet. If some are simply useless, others can also be dangerous for skin and health. This is the case of lemon, for example. This fruit has effectively lightening properties, but it is also very aggressive with the epidermis. Dry skin on which lemon juice is applied may appear redness and even a burning sensation. Without forgetting that lemon has a photosensitizing effect, that is to say that it increases the risk of sunburn and brown spots. Not frankly the ideal when you dream of a clear and unified complexion!

Light up your skin: Targeted Pharmacy treatments

To White your skin without danger, you must first accept the fact that its color will not be able to change radically. If your skin is black or mixed, you will not be able to get a porcelain complexion. On the other hand, you can hope to standardize it and make it clearer thanks to anti -spots available in Nifdo Beauty Care.

Among the best known ranges, we find:

Pigmentclar de la Roche-Posay

Pigmentclar care of La Roche-Posay protect the skin from pigment spots and dull complexion due to oxidizing stress, itself triggered by pollution and UVA. The complexion is Whitening and uniform in just 4 weeks. This range brings together an anti-concealer, an anti-stain serum and a reuniting corrector treatment.

Nifdo Pigmentbio

Nifdo Whitening Cream in Pakistan, Anti Wrinkle and Anti Aging Cream in Pakistan

Pigmentbio is a complete depigmenting program for sensitive skin imagined and patented by the Nifdo brand. Care acts on all phases of melanin synthesis (caused skin color) to correct and prevent biologically effectively against pigmentation disorders.
This program includes Whitening serum, Whitening cream and targeting sensitive areas and night care Products Available on Nifdo Beuty Care

The action of this whitening cream in Pakistan can be supplemented by the application of the contour of the depiwhite eye and the use of the DepiWhite film mask, two to three times a week.

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