Best Vitamin C Serum

vitamin C is not only a powerful active that prevents cellular oxidation, it also contributes to the formation of collagen, properties that make it one of the star vitamins in the world of cosmetics .

So what are the main benefits of using vitamin C serums?

As incredible as it may seem, it brings radiance , elasticity and prevents premature aging of the skin. 

What You Should Know Before Choosing Your Vitamin C Face Serum?

Wrinkles appear due to the loss of elasticity of the skin due to aging, and the main factor responsible for this elasticity is collagen . Vitamin C Serum is the  essential for the synthesis of collagen.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage and clear blemishes by inhibiting melanin production in the skin.

Topical use of vitamin C Serum for face whitening is safe as long as it is used responsibly , and usually has the only rare side effect of irritation .

Vitamin C serums are often alternated with retinol creams , with many brands promoting the two products as complementary.

Best Vitamin C Serum: Comparison 


Nifdo Vitamin C Serum consumer's Choice 

NIFDO Vitamin C Face Serum is formulated with key ingredients that make it suitable for all skin types and highly effective in combating most skin concerns and leaving skin looking youthful and radiant.

Nifdo Whitening Serum in Pakistan, Anti Aging Serum in Pakistan, Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid


  • Pure vitamin C concentrated at 10% : restores radiance and evens out the complexion.
  • Vitamin E : combines its antioxidant power with that of vitamin C to fight more effectively against the signs of aging.
  • Ferulic acid : provides protection against environmental pollutants.
  • Hyaluronic acid : restores the skin's moisture barrier and retains moisture.
  • Provides instant hydration, boosting the skin's ability to retain moisture and brighten
  • Prevents signs of aging and reduce dark spots with the powerful of Vitamin C


TruSkin Vitamin C-Plus Super Serum

a serum with a high concentration of vitamin C (20%) and for the quantity of product contained in its container (60 ml) , which also includes a spray to facilitate its use .

All Natural Advise is formulated with organic ingredients , hyaluronic acid and the stable vitamin C , sodium ascorbic phosphate . This derivative of vitamin C is very effective and absorbs more deeply on contact with your skin .

The results are visible in just a few weeks: fine lines are corrected, skin imperfections are reduced, the skin is tightened, radiance is restored and the skin is optimally hydrated.

TruSkin Vitamin C-Plus Super Serum, Anti Aging Anti-Wrinkle with Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid


Thecoolskin Super Facial: The best organic and vegan vitamin C serum for the face
Thecoolskin Super C Facial combines the active ingredients of stabilized vitamin C , hyaluronic acid , vitamin E , aloe vera and witch hazel in its formula to offer a very effective product to fight against aging premature and bring hydration and radiance to all skin types.

Thecoolskin Super C Facial is a fresh, light, practical and easy to use serum. Skin becomes radiant and even-toned within weeks of use.


Neutrogena Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Neutrogena Naturel offers an organic formulation that uses vitamin C and hyaluronic acid as the main active ingredients. The result is a vitamin C serum that, in addition to helping reduce wrinkles and expression lines and smoothing marks and small scars caused by acne, also manages to deeply hydrate .

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair 20% Vitamin C Brightening Serum Capsules, Reduce Dark Spots

Its double formulation of vitamin C is recommended for combination skin and its effects translate into younger , smoother and brighter skin


Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum

serum is formulated with organic ingredients which make it a unisex product suitable for vegans and all skin types (combination, dry, oily, mature, sensitive. 

Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum with Moisturizing Vitamin E for Glowing Radiant Skin

Its use effectively reduces expression lines, wrinkles and acne marks.

The active ingredient in Florence Vitamin C Serum is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate , a powerful stabilized derivative of Vitamin C that contributes to radiant, youthful looking skin. It is also enriched with vitamin E to accelerate cell regeneration, as well as jojoba oil and aloe vera to provide instant hydration in the deep layers of the skin.


All you need to know about vitamin C face serum

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of our body, especially during periods of growth and development.

Here's everything you need to know about this important vitamin.

Use in cosmetics, vitamin C for the face

The cosmetics industry uses vitamin C as a powerful active ingredient to improve the texture, luminosity and firmness of facial skin .

But since this nutrient is unstable to light, heat, and air, it degrades very easily . Therefore, not all cosmetic products containing vitamin C are of the same quality and do not provide the same beneficial effects to the skin .

It's also worth remembering that skin care shouldn't just be a cosmetic issue; treating the skin properly to protect it is a unanimous recommendation from dermatology professionals.

For whom is vitamin C recommended for topical use?
With the exception of people with very sensitive or allergic skin, vitamin C cosmetic treatments can be used to improve the health of all skin types, and are especially recommended for:

People whose skin has been damaged by radiation : People who are continuously exposed to solar radiation or those who are used to tanning with UVA rays have a high risk of suffering from skin damage. For this sector of the population, vitamin C is an important ally because, in addition to helping vitamin E in its photoprotective function, it regulates the synthesis of melanin, acting as a powerful depigmenting agent of dark spots due to exposure. under the sun.
People over 30 : Generally, it is after 30 that the skin begins to suffer from a lack of hydration, the appearance of spots, crow's feet, small expression lines... it is therefore important to start with a vitamin C cure to combat the deficiencies that cause these skin problems in mature skin.
People with dull skin : poorly oxygenated skin is dull skin with a grayish complexion. This type of skin is very common among smokers or people who spend many hours a day indoors and under artificial light. In these cases, the topical use of vitamin C brings the oxygenation that the skin needs to regain its luminous appearance.

How to select best vitamin C serum for face?

We have already mentioned that one of the main problems with vitamin C is its high rate of breakdown . Therefore, a good dermo-aesthetic product containing vitamin C as an active ingredient must meet certain requirements in its formulation in order to be effective.

Not all products claiming to contain vitamin C are valid, as it is a very unstable compound, and to be effective it must be formulated under very specific conditions. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the right product

Types of Vitamin C:
Two different types of vitamin C are used for topical use:

L-ascorbic acid : this is the pure and most effective form of vitamin C, but it is also the most unstable and the most irritating. Its main disadvantage is that it oxidizes very quickly and can lose a large part of its properties in contact with air, light or heat.
Stabilized vitamin C : this is pure vitamin C that has been processed through biotechnological processes and is therefore more resistant to oxidation. Products formulated with stabilized vitamin C are generally better tolerated and less expensive but less effective than those using pure vitamin C.

How to apply vitamin C Serum on your skin?

The pure vitamin C treatment can be applied in the morning or in the evening . But to enjoy all its benefits, it is best to apply it in the morning , because this way you will also protect your skin from oxidation and environmental pollutants. If you are using a derivative, you should apply it twice a day (morning and evening) following the same directions.

To avoid irritation or redness, start by using your serum sparingly (2-3 times a week) , and once your skin gets used to it, you can use it daily. It is important that you apply it after cleansing your face and before any other facial treatment.

Use a few drops to cover the entire face . If you apply too much, your skin will not assimilate the product and small balls will appear, which you will have to remove.

For correct application, start in the center of the face and spread the product outwards using light circular movements. Pay attention to the eye contour; given its fragility, it is advisable to use specific cosmetics such as concealer creams for this area of ​​the face.

When your skin has completely absorbed the serum (about 15 minutes) , you can continue with the moisturizer, which will help seal in and lock in the active ingredients. Then, if necessary, you can apply your sunscreen and, finally, your foundation.

It is important to discard the serum if you notice any color change , as this means it has oxidized and will not be of any use to you. It is also important to exfoliate your skin at least once a week (maximum every 15 days) because vitamin C tends to dirty the pores.

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